About Us

Hi I’m Jodie. I farm with my husband Wayne. We moved to a cattle property in March after 30plus years as commercial chicken farmers. 

It may have been our mid life crisis, but we believe we made what could be called a Conscious Agricultural Decision: To farm sustainably, in direct connection to the act of eating.


We have found our patch of land and expect it to provide as much joy and profit as we can manage, by sharing it with the community and our friends.

It is now a matter of curating all our ideas and all our enthusiasm and figuring out three things:

  • What is it that we want to do

  • What can we afford to do - time-wise

  • What will make us money

Jodie Redcliffe

I used to be head down, bum up - and I guess really I still am. But I am trying to get up on the balcony more often: to see the big picture and have a Glass-Half-Full.

These are a few things I have already figured out:

The journey we are starting here makes me happy. This is absolutely where I want to be and what I want to be doing. And I know that is worth a lot. It is worth it to our health, it is worth it to our future generations of family (and still, our family is the best and most important thing we have built). And I know it’s not all about money. We will make less for sure. But we will be doing something we want to do and that is priceless. It is about us pursuing what will make us happy, and what will give us a life that has a noble purpose.


So Wayne is pursuing his lifelong love of cattle, and I am expanding on the things that struck me as most important through my learnings as a Nuffield scholar: to connect people with agriculture so that those with no knowledge of the land, and where their food comes from can understand what we do. I want to do that by opening our doors to guests to share what we have. I think then people will feel the connection to the land that feeds the soul as much as it can feed the body. 


So here we are. I hope you can explore the journey with us.


From our Farmily to yours,